The NTR17 DJane / VJane / Teacher list ist open now.

If you´re interested, please send a photo and a two-sentence-introduction to NTR Team for approval.
We´ll see this as a preliminary confirmation and will add your information to our website.

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15th January 2017, 9:00  booking start

Our last years' experience carried out, that NTR17 will be fully booked within a very short time.
In order to simplify and speed up the booking process on 15th January 2017 you are able to register for an account from now:


Carlos Libedinsky (Bandoneon, Narcotango), Mariano Castro (Piano, Narcotango) and David Jehn (Double Bass, Uli Beckerhoff Group, ...) will perform live at NTR17 - the fusion of Tango and Jazz.

I´m so happy to have your there !!!

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